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What a Wonderful Day of Celebration!

A wonderful day of honouring and appreciation was held on Tuesday the 23rd August to mark the occasion of our beloved Aglow National Leader Mrs Kerry-Ellen Logan's retirement.

People came from near and far, and tributes flowed as people expressed their love and gratitude to Kerry-Ellen for her outstanding Leadership over the last 17 years.

Over 140 people gathered in the Heritage listed Guildford Town Hall to share high tea and memories with Kerry-Ellen and each other.

We had some very special speakers,

Mrs Joan Bennett

Executive Director

Global Field Office - International.

Aglow International.

Joan brought personal greetings and greetings from Mrs Jane Hansen Hoyt and Aglow International.

Mrs Jeanette Ward

National President NZ, Tonga, Samoa.

Chairperson South Pacific Region Committee. Shared of her love for Kerry-Ellen and the growing passion they share for the South Pacific Region.

A beautiful gift of flowers was presented to Kerry-Ellen by Joan and Jeanette on behalf of their nations.

Thank you to all who contributed photographs of Kerry-Ellen for the photo book gift,

it has been very well received.

Edna Walters, Kaye Ballantyne and Carol Price shared some gems from their long relationship with Kerry-Ellen, expressing the deep love and respect that has grown between them as they served the Lord together in Aglow.

Video messages were received from around the world paying tribute to Kerry-Ellen and her ministry to Aglow and to individuals personally;

Jane Hansen Hoyt - National President and CEO Aglow International.

Felicia Dodunada - National President of Papua New Guinea and member of Aglow South Pacific Regional Committee.

Fulori Tuiloa - National President Fiji and member of Aglow South Pacific Regional Committee.

Pastor Tim Edwards - National Advisor to Aglow International Australia.

Maureen Smith - Chairperson of the National Board of Aglow International Canada.

Nonnie McVeigh - National President of Aglow Great Britain.

Nancy McDaniel - International Prayer Coordinator, Aglow International.

Faye Roots - Leader of Gympie Aglow Queensland.

Hannah Salazar – friend of Aglow (nee Hannah Walter).

Just a few of the people who were delighted to attend the day of honouring. All expressed a deep gratitude and love for Kerry-Ellen and her ministry through Aglow Australia.

We would like to say a very special thankyou to Kerry-Ellen's husband Brian, and children for joining us as we honoured Kerry-Ellen.

Thank you to all our International and Interstate guests.

This wonderful event could not have happened without the very generous efforts of all the fabulous women in Aglow Western Australia. Thank you!

Thank you to the Aglow International Australia Board and the Management Team.

Dear Kerry-Ellen, on behalf of us all, Happy Retirement and thank you for everything. With all our love!



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