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Fremantle Branch gather to pray.

High on a hill at the base of the War Memorial overlooking the Swan River and the Indian Ocean, Fremantle Branch in Western Australia gathered to pray for the cities of Fremantle and Perth. As we walked and prayed we were particularly taken by these boots that were facing toward the city. We all felt the Lord saying now is the time to put on our work boots, listen to what and where he's wanting to send us for His Kingdom to come.

'While I was praying I saw a picture of the Swan River as if I was looking down on it. There was a red tsunami of water flowing up the river from the river mouth.

I thought about the time Aglow was on the boat and the banner fell into the water.

We took a boat cruise from Perth, Kerry-Ellen lead us and we took our worship banners. As we sang and waved our banners one came off and flew into the water, it was the banner that represented the Holy Spirit.

We all expected the banner to be lost to us when the police launch came alongside our boat scooped the banner up on a long pole and handed it back to us'. (Jean Oatey).

Our worship song was; He is our cornerstone.

The scriptures we used came from Ephesians 5 : 6 - 14 TPV

Living in Gods Light.

We had a wonderful time, and encourage you all to enjoy worshipping the Lord in the beauty of His creation.

Love Susan and all at Aglow Fremantle.



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