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Update on Lyn Pettman

On Thursday 8th February 2024, Riekie Dalm, representing National and accompanied by Lynne Funston, visited Lyn. 

Lyn, has been a fearless pioneer as leader of Knox Aglow now known as Maroondah Aglow, she encouraged us to actively contribute in the meetings in prayer or testimony. She often got us watching videos, Graham Cooke with Game Changers or a speaker from an International Conference recording - Chuck Pierce or Asher Intranter. Lyn changed the monthly meeting seating arrangement to a semi-cirlce to encourage participation, instead of being simply a spectator/receiver our response was tentative at first, but the seeds sown all those years ago are now bearing fruit, and can be seen in action at our current Maroondah gatherings. Lyn has always been diligent in her responsibilites as Leader and also in being an example to us of applying principles of what we have learnt for, e.g Game Changers.

I think in particular of a Game Changers teaching of Graham Cooke’s, in regard to God supplying everything that we need. “In every difficult person or situation, there is a Fruit of the Spirit available to you that makes you turn that situation into something wonderful.” (Page 75 GameChangers Manual)  So where we perceive a need or lack in our own life to seek the Lord’s allocation of whatever spiritual gift is needed at that particular time. Lyn really took that to heart and made it part of her spiritual weaponry, if you like, which she still practices today. Lyn has really inspired me in that area by her diligence and persistence! 

What may look like a huge hiccup in Lyn’s destiny and/or contribution to Aglow is a failed attempt by the enemy to thwart God’s purposes for her. He is a liar and the father of all lies. 

NO weapon formed against her will prosper – our God is the Author and the Finisher of her faith – He is faithful and true – to the end!” 

Riekie and I then blessed and released Lyn from her responsibilities for Maroondah Aglow branch. 

We continue to keep Lyn in our prayers for total healing.

Photo supplied by Riekie



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