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Kim Newey Leader of Aglow Port Stephens Shares about Being Ready when Holy Spirit Calls.

I've been hearing strongly from the Lord that it's time to be "activated" I feel that this may relate to "prophecy" spoken over lives, "Gifts of the Spirit" given to all believers, even to some extent the "fruit of the Spirit" that should be evident in our everyday lives. The Lord has imparted these and many more of His attributes to us as believers either directly or through a word spoken over us, however often we do not see the outworking of these gifts and impartations because we did not step into activation.

I know this because it happened to me recently.

I was out shopping and I passed by an elderly lady who was very beautiful in her outward presentation. Everything about her was attractive, clothes, hair, a little makeup, demeanour. She was a ball of style! My thoughts were, "wow she's beautiful". As I continued by, Holy Spirit spoke saying, "go back and tell her". I challenged this thought for about 2-3 seconds then turned back.

I told her how beautiful she was and a credit to her age group. A lovely and lively conversation ensued and before leaving I asked if I could pray for her (she had some type of liver complaint). The lady agreed and I just prayed for her and finished by blessing her. I could see that she was touched so I took the liberty to ask her if she had ever heard of Aglow, It was fairly evident, from the way she spoke that she was not a Christian. As I shared about Aglow, I could see she was a little interested, so I invited her to a meeting to which she said, "I don't drive ~ I lost my license DUI, but it took them 40 years to catch me" I had a bit of laugh to myself.

I was not carrying anything to write with or on and she was not a mobile phone user. I felt desperate not to let this moment escape. Then she asked me which church I attended, so at least the moment wasn't completely lost.

There are a couple of reasons why I'm sharing this with you.

1. I was very aware of a change in my witness. (activation)

2. I had heard Holy Spirit and was quick to respond.

3. While this was not a first for either of the above, it was clearly different. I didn't know the person, nor did I know or even have any idea that it would end in my praying for her. Plus, my sharing was full of zeal, more than usual..

4. I was aware that we the Ekklesia must be ready and obedient at all times to respond when Holy Spirit speaks.

5. And like the virgins with their lamps, we must be equipped when He calls.

Therefore, I am buying resources from the international website to hand out when the right moment comes.

As this is fresh (for me at least) I will be sharing on this idea of activating our faith at our next Aglow meeting. I will also be handing out resources for the ladies so they too will be equipped. And in the meantime, I will make sure I at least have pen and paper ready.

This has been a huge lesson for me and I just feel that other branch leaders if not already doing so, should be encouraging their groups to be ready and equipped for the harvest with resources and radical obedience.

ps. the lady's name was "Jewel" and she was 89 yrs old, God Bless her.

Recommended reading on the subject of activating your Spiritual gifts; Tongues of Fire by Jennifer Leclaire. Below is her prayer of activation.

Love and Blessings




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