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A new team, God's faithfulness and chocolate - Aglow Merimbula

We have started back in our second year with a new leadership team comprising of Leanne Rich, Shanne Fanning, Kaylene Passmore and Janet Borley.

Our meeting in March, for Easter, started with a fruit and chocolate fountain and concluded with Easter dress up competition, won by one of our new members Shannon Moran.

During April and the following couple of months, our focus will be on personal testimonies. This month Lindy Jones shared how she had a recent serious health scare but with prayer and the love of the saints, she faced it without fear but rather excitement about what her Heavenly Father was going to do and teach her. It was an uplifting and honest and encouraged us to trust Our Father in the big things.

Next Janet Borley shared 3 vignettes with us, demonstrating God's miraculous interventions in the lives of her family. Her testimony was marvellous and showed how God protects us and ours.

Sadly, we had two people pass from our lives in March. Several members attended the funeral of the daughter of our founding leader Marjorie Gibson. Although it was a sad occasion, what was displayed was the closeness and love of her family and Marjorie's faith, dug into bedrock. It was an encouragement to all of us.

In addition to our monthly meeting, we are also having a fortnightly catch up at a local cafe which we have called Coffee and Chat. It is an opportunity for further fellowship, especially for those who can't come to our monthly meeting day.

Thanks for letting us share what is happening here on the far south coast of NSW.

Best regards,


Leanne Rich, Aglow Merimbula



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