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Outreach in the Park - Aglow Noarlunga & Adelaide together


Cool breezes, 

Families playing in the playground, 

The smell of sausages and onions grilling on the barbecue wafting through the air,

People walking/running by, 

Conversations in the coffee shop with customers,

Delivering advertising notices to local business,

Receiving and giving encouragement to local residents,

Praying for the "one",

Deep conversations and stronger connections with one another, 

Singing, guitar, worship, joy,

Day trippers on an excursion enjoying our sausages.


This and more was our outreach in the park before Easter. Noarlunga and Adelaide Aglow spent an afternoon together to share God's love with one another and the community. We praise the Lord because we love Him and His presence amongst us. 

Ingrid Bartlett, Aglow Noarlunga



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