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Local Houses of Prayer - NSW Regional Day 9th March

Aglow ladies from the Central Coast, Taree, Lower Mountains,  Hawkesbury and Sydney suburbs gathered at Bondi Junction at the Church in the Marketplace as part of the NSW Regional Day on Saturday, 9th March 


Cate Lewis, coordinator for Ffald-Y-Brenin Houses of Prayer in Australia, shared with us from the booklet Introducing Local House of Prayer. She reminded us of our authority as the priesthood of all believers and the power that the prayer of agreement carries in releasing heaven on earth into the business and families in our communities. We were encouraged to practice this principle by each choosing 5 people and declaring blessing over them every day for 5 weeks. Gathering together in small groups of 5 to do this would be considered a Local house of prayer!  Quite doable!   


Cate blessed each Aglow group, declaring them to be a “thin place” and she and her team ended the day by praying over each of us and releasing prophetic words. So encouraging. Many thanks go to Irene and her team for hosting the event, and the worship team, who really blessed us with their simple yet profound worship. 


Resources can be found at


Jane Michail, Robyn Butt and Lucia Rich 



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