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Hobart Aglow Inaugural Retreat 2024

Due to the generosity of good friends, we were blessed to use their holiday “shack” at Orford on the East coast of Tasmania for our Hobart Aglow Inaugural Retreat. It was a special and precious time away. 

We had two full days away, from Tuesday evening until Friday afternoon. There was much fun, fellowship good food. It was an amazing time in God.

Day 1

While preparing for our time away I said to the Lord "there is nothing I can say to these beautiful godly women that they don’t already know".  He started to talk to me about how our golden Retriever Indi comes and sits on my feet and pushes in, leaning her not inconsiderable weight on me, until she gets what she wants - our love and attention, The Holy Spirit said, "that’s what my children need to do with me". Wow! A modern-day parable! So, we did just that, some sitting, some walking.  Each of us had our own special time with our Lord. 

Day 2

We spent time thinking about Tasmania - it’s history, isolation and issues of European settlement. The plan was to spend time alone to see what the Lord said about how and what to pray in regards to these things.. But this changed.  After a beautiful time of worship, the Holy Spirit took over. We prayed as He led, covering the issues and history of convicts, first nation people, new settlements, isolation and much more. It was a powerful time in God.

We then took communion and spent time at the river and parkland across the road, praying for the cleansing of the land whilst also pouring our communion wine out, Each person did as the Holy Spirit lead. Another beautiful time.

I heard the whisper of the Holy Spirit say, “task complete.”  

What a wonderful God we serve! 



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