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Far East Gippsland Aglow outreach. September 2022

At the inaugural Aglow East Gippsland meeting in July, Aglow was asked by three attendees from Far East Gippsland to come and visit them in separate locations: a remote farm in the hills near NowaNowa, Mallacoota and Orbost.

This journey began many years ago, birthed through prayer into this region with the Lord speaking to (among others) three Aglow Leaders, Marg Lyle, Robyn Carron and Ruth Leon. Marg Lyle had been President of Bairnsdale Aglow in the 1980s and recently returned to the area after 26 years away in Brisbane and Darwin.

Robyn Carron is Leader of Dandenong Aglow which has for years held Gippsland on its heart and conducted prayer journeys into the region. She was on an Aglow prayer journey to the same farm in about 2016 where prayer seeds were sown.

Ruth Leon was an Aglow committee member in Sale Aglow in the 1990s and likewise participated in prayer journeys around that area.

At the beginning of Covid in 2020, Ruth and Robyn were led by the Lord to initiate fortnightly prayer calls for Far East Gippsland. Five people from all over Gippsland began a fortnightly telephone prayer meeting, the Foundation scripture was John 17: 20-23.

The phone prayer continued for the rest of 2020.

In July 2022 Lakes Entrance Aglow came into being. The Inaugural meeting had attendees from all over Gippsland from the LaTrobe Valley in the west to Mallacoota in the east on the NSW border. For two of the women at the Lakes Entrance meeting, it was their first Aglow contact and they asked us to come and visit their towns. A third woman also requested a visit- to that farm which had long ago hosted the Aglow intercessory prayer meeting in 2016.

This week in September another link was forged in the chain of events that began so many years ago. Robyn and Ruth set out as Jesus sent out the disciples in pairs (Luke 10:1).

On our journey we stopped and fellowshipped and prayed with one of our phone prayer partners, Ginny, then we caught up with Marg in Lakes Entrance and continued on our way to NowaNowa, Mallacoota and Orbost. We travelled along Highway No.1, the Princes Highway - (the highway which circumnavigates the Australian continent). We prayed with the Snowy Mountains to our left, the evidence of bushfires all around, however the trees were flourishing with new growth. We proclaimed and decreed His Breakthrough…

The meetings were anointed by Holy Spirit and the time spent together with everyone was extraordinary. We stayed in their homes and in Mallacoota met with about twenty other Believers. People had come great distances having travelled hours, some even came from as far as Merimbula in NSW to attend the meeting. The men who attended shared strong fellowship with each other- a time of great refreshing, recognising they are ‘not alone’. All three of these communities were badly affected by the recent bushfires and although their houses were spared, a lot of farm sheds, equipment and stock was destroyed and the evidence of devastation was everywhere in sight. Stories were shared of how isolated they were after the bushfires which were terrible but worse was the covid isolation…. Following the fires, communities were drawn together but with Covid came separation and anguish. These fellowship times were TRULY a gift from God. It was a drawing together in Christian community in the koinonia of the Holy Spirit. We broke bread, participated in a reverent Shabbat, prayed, blessed, prophesied, worshipped, proclaimed, and decreed His word, introduced GameChangers, dug gardens and pulled weeds, encouraged each other, shared our stories and above all, relished the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Every person was SO SO blessed!

And so were Robyn and I. Before the meeting had even begun, we found the following prophetic word by Nate Johnson and believe it to be a word which confirmed our prayers on the way.

All glory to God! Thy Kingdom come, O Lord, Thy Kingdom come!

His ways are great, and all His ways are perfect!

Prophet Word just released today 29.08.2022

Nate Johnson


“Australia!” I heard the Lord say.

“I am right now, readying My wild horses for battle. I'm getting My mighty Down Under army ready. The call has gone out and the call is clear—get ready Church for your commissioning for this next hour. I am calling the nameless to rise up and the hidden to emerge. I am calling forth the fallen and calling forth those in slumber.

“There is a convergence taking place right now of streams, parts of the Body, offices, and mission fields for the harvest that is around the corner. There is a unifying taking place of movements and companies, generals, and leaders, that have all been separated but banners and brands are falling to the ground so that the family can come together.

“There is a mustering call that has gone out over the land for the Bride to come together as one voice, to cry out restoration and victory over the land, and this cry is going to shake the very foundations of this nation.

“And watch how in the days to come, an alliance shall form—a greater alliance—and tables shall be set for all the islands and the nations of the Great Southland, from New Zealand to all the Islands. For I am drawing the generals of all tribes and all tongues, all streams, and all backgrounds together to be one voice to decree the breaking of apathy, and to decree that the Kingdom of God has now come once again.

"As this cry goes out, watch as areas that have been in compromise begin to be shaken, for I am restoring My nation back to righteousness. I'm restoring My nation, but it's going to come as the people of God come together as one voice, as they begin to decree and cry out over the land of Australia. And I will reveal My glory once again in this land and I will honour what I spoke over this nation, that it would be the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit, and it would be a birthing place of revival to the nations.

“For right now, I'm brooding. I'm brooding over the hearts of My people and over her leaders, and I'm calling them into a different spirit. I'm calling them out of the murkiness of religion and the complacency of compromise, and I'm bringing them into a fiery communion with Me and from that place shall come forth a mighty, mighty sound that the world will hear once again.

“Oh, Australia did I not establish you as a pioneer nation of worship? Did I not give you a song that was loud and clear, that would be heard around the world and echo in eternity? But where is your song now? Who stole your cry?

“For I gave you a melody to break your bonds free from the victim spirit that came in your infancy. I gave you a victory cry to counteract Satan's plan in keeping you silenced and muzzled. But where is that melody now? I am right now stirring up your song, and the world will once more hear the sound of wild horses' feet charging in the dust and the undignified cry of the David’s filling the streets.

“There is a great humbling and repentance beginning to sweep the land as hard hearts and the blinded are having their veils removed and their hearts are being softened once again. Now see, as I use the kings of this world and soften their hearts also. For did I not say that I would use a Nebuchadnezzar if I had to, to restore this nation? For the Daniel’s are rising and the Pharaohs are searching them out.

“And in the midst of great shaking, political unrest and pressing shall come forth this mighty sound—a sound of hooves in the red dust. The sound of a people rising up in song to see this land step into its promise.

“Embers are going to appear throughout the land overnight as a sign of my promise. And I will fan them into wildfires throughout the nation.

“People will come from far and wide to taste of what I will pour out over this land. And it will be said “Pressing and adversity birthed this” and I have used adversity to remind my people of who they are again.

“Yes, it’s time Australia!

“ANZACS assemble! Islands assemble!

The muster is here.

Call them forth.

Put on your boots and ready your heart island nations.

Shake off the slumber.

It’s time!"

“Listen to me, you islands; hear this, you distant nations: Before I was born the Lord called me; from my mother’s womb he has spoken my name.

He made my mouth like a sharpened sword; in the shadow of his hand, he hid me; he made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver.

He said to me, “You are my servant, Israel, in whom I will display my splendour.”

Isaiah 49:1-3’

With blessings in Yeshua ha Mashiach, Ruth.



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