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Come and Dwell at the Well

With eased restrictions, WA is able to hold larger gatherings. One of the first of these gatherings for Aglow in October was a day of prayer and soaking, called "Dwell at the Well". Nicole shares her experiences of this special day.

The morning opens with Spirit filled music and worship. As we continue, the numbers increase and we welcome more Women of God.  Many are kneeling at the well, pouring out their praise to the One on High. We are waiting for a prophetic word.  The air is tense, and I can feel someone is on the verge of telling us what God wants from us.  A few women anoint themselves with the holy oil.  There are some women dancing with flags – they are quite good!!

Many are lying prostrate at the well.  Jesus is here in our presence.  You can feel the love and warmth that transcends anything else.  They are lost in the Spirit and only have eyes, ears, heart on Him, The Holy One. It is the peace we all feel.

The beauty of the Well is inviting - it was created by Tracey Brouwer. It is perfect for our morning to come and Dwell by the Well.

I am sitting and soaking in His presence here.  As I look around the room, they are still connected with Him in any form of worship.  Being it praying in tongues, lying prostrate on the floor or wall, sitting in a chair raising their arms towards Him to the Heavens.

John Paul (Pastor of the church where we are holding Dwell at the Well) and his daughter work tirelessly with such willingness and love to ensure the morning goes smoothly.  I see his daughter singing and raising her arms towards the Heavens, it pleases my heart, she would have been born into worship – truly wonderful.

We have over 60 people attending this beautiful event.  We are dwelling in His presence and are one with you, Lord.  Life is available for all who seek, let it be as you have ordained it.

Nicole is the Finance Administrator in the Aglow National Office.



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