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Aglow Australia AGM June 2021

This year's Aglow Annual General Meeting took place online in June, as we took the time to remember the challenging year that was 2020, and also to thank God for bringing us through it all.

During the AGM, some changes to the National Board were announced.

Tracey Brouwer steps down from the Board of Directors.

Tracey Brouwer has stepped down from the Aglow International Australia National Board of Directors. Tracey served as Treasurer for 3 years and we are so grateful and thankful for all the work she put in. She will be missed from the board, but God is calling her to a new season in her walk with Him.

As part of her final Treasurer's report, Tracey left us this blessing for Aglow International Australia, titled "Courage":

"Be encouraged, Aglow, to fasten our gaze onto Jesus,

as we take the new ground in His name.

May the favour and blessing of God be upon the ministry of Aglow,

as He reveals the way ahead, propels us forward,

and opens the harvest fields of lost and hurting souls that are ready to be loved in his kingdom.

Be bold. Be courageous. Be confident. Be strong in the Lord our God.

For He has already marked out a path before us,

And we will run with Him."

The board is currently deciding who will take on the duties as Treasurer.

New Board Members voted in at AGM

At the AGM, two new board members were voted in. These two women have been part of Aglow in Australia for many years, and bring a wealth of wisdom and experience to the Board of Directors.

The two new board members are Vicki Cosgrove (below, left) and Helen Reardon (below, right).

You can read more about these two amazing women of God on the website here.

We are in changing times, but God is walking us through it together.



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