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A Tribute to our Beloved Beverley West.

On Saturday 4th of March Beverley West beloved Leader of Aglow Castle Hill went home to be with her Lord Jesus. Beverley was a long term Aglow woman, being involved with the 'birthing' of several Aglow Branches, including Kirribilli and Castle Hill. Beverley first served as a President under Joan Morton at Aglow Canberra City in 1976. We are eternally grateful for women such as Beverley who steadfastly serve the Lord they love through Aglow. We extend our loving thoughts and prayers to Beverley's family and with them draw comfort in the knowledge Beverley is delighting in the presence of her Saviour Jesus.

A Poem about Bev West by Bek West Bussani

She was a snowbell

The Queen of the Spring

She put winter behind you

And thawed its cold sting

Her friends were giggling brooks

And bees in fruit trees,

They were kumquats and lemons

And a warm gentle breeze

Her song was a whistle

Birds stopped to admire

It spoke of beauty and wisdom

An angelic choir

Her eyes were impish laughter

And stoic royalty

They held tales of wonder

And steadfast loyalty

Her words were a beacon

A lighthouse in a storm

They promised love and new life

They made your cold heart warm

Her roots grew down deep

Past earthworms and pain

They pushed through the darkness,

Held fast through the rain

She bloomed the whole season

Til’ winter came once more

So she took her last bow

She had won the good war

The gift of a snowbell

I do not deserve

Pray in me and through me

Her spirit be preserved

Aglow Castle Hill 25th November 2022.

Farewell Beloved Beverley!



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