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What does it mean for me to be Aglow?

Thank you to those people who answered our question in the last month’s newsletter: what does it mean to be Aglow? This question prompted great discussion amongst some groups! Below are a few comments we have received.

"A shining light

(Spreading the gospel through my daily words and actions)

Eyes full of passion and love for the Lord

(Forever abiding and constantly praying to Him)

Glowing with the fire of the Holy Spirit

(Testifying to the wonders and miracles of our Lord and Saviour)"

- Judy

"My heart was and has been touched from the very first time I stepped into a Meeting. There is a beautiful spirit of God that hovers over us each time we are together and when we unite at our Conferences something wonderful always happens. Praise/worship plus prayer are part of the blessings I receive. There is a gentleness that comes and in today’s world we need the soft loving touch of the Holy Spirit. "

- Cheryl, Midland Aglow

"Aglow is about sharing relationships built on trust that support healthy spiritual growth individually and collectively.

Aglow is about understanding God's plan for our world, and especially the end times through the lens of our Mandates: Islam, Israel, and Gender reconciliation.

Aglow is the arena for safe first steps, where we are supported in prayer and held accountable to mature and wise friends.

Aglow is a source of spiritual nourishment/a fruitful spiritual womb."

- Sue, Camden Aglow

Tuggerah Lakes Aglow sent 9 words that describe Aglow:

1. Friendship

2 . Worship

3. Accountability

4. Growth

5. Spiritual Input

6. Organisation

7. Commitment

8. Encouragemnet

9. non-Denominational

Such incredible responses! If you would like to join the conversation, email us on

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