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Golden Footsteps

As we gathered in prayer we had been worshipping and praying for a time when I saw in the centre of us a small golden bowl that was filled to the top with a golden liquid that was perfectly still.

We were lead to pray prayers of personal and corporate repentance. As we continued our prayers grew deeper, more passionate and heartfelt. We were weeping as we prayed, relinquishing things of the past, things we have held dear.

I saw in the Spirit as we each named different things we were repenting of, we were picking them up and throwing them into the golden bowl with increased force. As they landed in the bowl it increased in size and the golden oil was splashing everywhere. and the more we continued in this vein the oil splashed, and spilled and spread further and further.

As I have thought on what I saw I was reminded of a clear vision I had about 7 years ago. I was standing with a small group of people in a circle and we were kicking a soccer ball between us and suddenly it fell open in two halves, like an egg cracking. What flowed from it was golden oil containing flecks of real gold. As we walked through that golden oil it stuck to our feet like honey and we left a sticky, sweet trail wherever we walked.

I sense that these visions are linked. God is calling each of us out from our place of comfort, it begins most assuredly with repentance and prayer. Then the overflow of the gold will go with us where God is calling us to.

In preparation for Conference I saw two huge feet walking toward the Eastern gate (from the east). God has spoken clearly to Aglow to cross over, press through touching the hem of His garment and then to arise and allow the King of Glory to enter through each of us.

Recently this word came into the National Office: “He has brought forth the tracks of His gold to be walked throughout the lands of the nations that gathered at the Eastern gate (Sydney).”

“Open up, ancient gates! Open up, ancient doors, And let the King of Glory enter.” Psalm 24:7

I encourage us all to go back and listen again to the words Rev Ben Gray delivered to us. We are the doors through whom He desires to enter. How will we respond to this challenge?



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