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Aglow Connects with Australia for Jesus

Aglow has increased the connection made with Australia for Jesus by supporting and attending a number of workshops Australia For Jesus has been running in Western Australia.

Australia For Jesus co-founder and CEO, Tony McClennan (who spoke at the Aglow Australia conference in Sydney) spent 9 days in September travelling to regions in Perth and South West WA presenting workshops with the aim of “raising up the soulwinners” for Christ.

Aglow Fremantle hosted one of these workshops, with one session held during their September branch meeting and another session held the evening of the same day. Aglow Fremantle welcomed a number of visitors and people connected to Australia For Jesus, who were all hungry to learn how to win souls for Christ.

In the afternoon, Ps Tony led a session on “Bringing Others to Jesus” and on the following night, “Taking Jesus to the Streets” was explained. The exciting culmination was in joining Tony (and colleague Roger Wilkinson) on the streets of Fremantle to put our newly learned skills into practice.

Using the Australia For Jesus smartphone presentation called “Way of Life”, participants went out in twos and threes wearing fresh and green ‘Way of Life’ t-shirts, to put into practice the skills they had just acquired.

Lorraine from Fremantle Aglow found the presentation to be an extremely easy way to present the Gospel to others. The first person that Lorraine (and Susan) presented the Gospel to, started by declaring himself an Agnostic/Atheist and finished by saying the Sinner’s Prayer! Praise be to God.

Aglow in Wagin and Narrogin have also taken the presentation to their areas, and we look forward to hearing what God does across Western Australia.

Lorraine would like to encourage us all “The fields are white for the harvest, Aglowers. A revival will come when we consider the destiny of others more than our own comfort.”

If anyone would like to receive the Australia For Jesus training, you can visit the Australia For Jesus website, where you can register to receive training materials: or you can call the Aglow National office.

“We understand what love is when we realize that Christ gave His Life for us. That means we ought to give our lives in love for others.” 1 John 3:16 (GW)

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