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Introducing the New Aglow International Australia Board of Directors

After the retirement of Dawn and Glenda from the Aglow Australia National Board, Kerry-Ellen has been seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit to determine who is to serve on the Aglow board in this new Era. God answered, and has given Aglow 5 anointed people of God to join Kerry-Ellen and Marilyn to make up the Aglow International Australia National Board of Directors.

From left to right, your new board is:

- Carol Price (Chair)

- Tracey Brouwer (Treasurer)

- Marilyn Grave (Secretary)

- Pastor Chris Friend

- Ruth Leon

- Kerry-Ellen Logan (President)

- Julia McKinley

The board of directors are responsible for the governance and strategic direction of Aglow in Australia. For day to day matters, the Aglow Australia Management Team (Liz, Michelle, Nicole, Kerry-Ellen, Marilyn and Julia) are responsible for running the Aglow Office and assisting branches with administration.

More details of the new board will be presented at the Conference in July.

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