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A Word of Encouragement: from Kerry-Ellen Logan

It is not about who is speaking, it is about who is listening!

These are the words that I heard the Holy Spirit drop into my spirit a few days ago.

Whilst the plan was for our esteemed International Leader to be here in Australia and then in Asia for both Conferences, the situation has changed as you have read.

Since I first attended an Aglow Conference 30 years ago on the Opera House steps I have only ever attended because I have heard the Holy Spirit call me.

I was drawn by the Spirit in the beginning and I still feel the same.

My other great joy and delight is to experience worshipping in unity with the women and men who have also come to glorify the Lord and stand in His presence.

These are the highlights for me always.

Yes, we hear the richness of the word through God-chosen speakers and the highlights that He has prepared, but my desire is to come home with His rich words ringing in my spirit that I may fulfil His Kingdom purpose in my day-to-day life as I live for Him.

Will you be joining us in Sydney? Whose voice are you listening to?

I assure you if the Holy Spirit is calling you, then trust Him and come!

Spirit born, Spirit led for 50 years!

Join us in Sydney to declare "The King of Glory shall come in!"

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