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Aglow Kalgoorlie Reaches Out

A small team from Kalgoorlie Aglow have an outreach to a small rural town called Leonora where they fellowship with a local church.

With a population of around 550 people, Leonora is located in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia, 833 kilometres northeast of Perth, and 230km north of Kalgoorlie.

Along with frequent visits to Leonora, the Kalgoorlie Aglow branch also blessed the community last Christmas, by providing 20 hampers comprising of generous donations received at the Kalgoorlie Aglow branch.

When Aglow last visited Leonora in May this year, the Lay-Preacher of the local church shared that Aglow were a blessing and an encouragement to their fellowship, and it was great to know that others were praying for them, as they sometimes felt "alone". One resident of Leonora also shared how the Christmas hampers given on their previous visit made an impact in some of the local's lives.

It is encouraging to hear how people of Aglow are reaching out and encouraging others with the love of Jesus.

Has your local Aglow branch reached out to the community? Let us know by emailing

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