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Isaiah 19 Highway in Victoria.

The first of our Isaiah 19 Highway with Ben Grey events was held on Saturday in Victoria, here is just a snippet from Ruth Leon sharing the wonderful time all who attended experienced.

The day itself was stunning in its gorgeousness. About 35-40 people were there. It is a small building and Kathleen one of the deacons opened and set it up and even learned how to operate the AV for us! It was warm and welcoming. Ben said the place had a good feeling and felt comfortable especially when he saw people praying before we even began.

People began gathering and the excitement was palpable. Sandy Gray ushered people in with her piano playing softly in the background. Marie Staley (Mornington Aglow) had donated some banners which added to the excitement. We began right on time.

Worship was sublime. Hearts and souls and bodies and spirits joined in with the angels as we joined together with one voice in adoration to the King.

Ps 100 and Ps 24 were read as prayers and paved the way for Ben's introduction and he began.....

I think many people must have felt like the couple from Emmaeus as he showed us the scriptures. Attention was rapt and fixed on him. One lady came up to me and said she'd had a vision of gold all over the walls after the worship. She was astounded.

There were a few people there who were not from Aglow. One lady came from Albury /Wodonga (APN member), some from the church, and other locals who had been members over 20 years ago. Excitement and amazement were so evident on their faces and in their voices as they shared.

The day was truly was a gift from God. The comments were overwhelmingly 'I did not know that!

How amazing! This will impact the way I read the word from now on.'

Kathleen who did the A/V got up in church yesterday and went off like a skyrocket as she explained the significance of it and the wonder of the day. She was deeply impacted by worship too- fully immersed in His worship.

This incredible and impacting teaching should not be missed.

Aglow is hosting this event across the nation:

Brisbane 18th June

Bundaberg 2nd July

Sydney 16th July

South Australia 12th November.

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