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Dwell at the Well Port Stephens NSW

In January, Dwell @ the Well was attended by 40 women who came from Sydney, Central Coast, Forster, Taree, Maitland, Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Port Stephens.

The 5 men who attended got together to enjoy a time of fellowship at a café overlooking Stockton Beach.

After long journeys, it was evident that every woman in attendance came with a hungry heart, eager to receive and receive they did.

The meeting opened with prayer and very few announcements, it was a time to enter into to what God wanted to do in each heart.

Most of the women were seated with a few standing, some kneeling and laying on the floor, in obedience to the call of not speaking out but just worshipping and waiting on the Lord. With one accord we came to dwell at the well.

After about 40 minutes of being “seated” the Holy Ghost descended with a tangible and obvious presence. As “How Great Thou Art” rang out across the room there was sudden change in the atmosphere. Women who were previously seated stood, danced, and waived arms and banners as they worshipped the Lord. A glorious presence filled the room.

As the time of worship ended all those who had received from the Lord were invited to come to the well and share.

Two women both shared similar visions of seeing Jesus walking through the room touching each woman.

There were scriptures from Isaiah about rivers in the dessert and seeing the splendour of God’s glory, as well as scriptures relating to unity. We were instructed by the Spirit not to worry when we could have this Joy!

There were prophesies of God’s presence coming as gold dust spreading out across the region.

We were encouraged to enter up into His Glory now, as the corporate bride.

A declaration was given that we have taken Jericho and that strongholds were pulled down this day. The darkness has been pushed back and His light has shone in our hearts like a hole in the atmosphere (a Portal).

Following our time of worship and sharing we enjoyed a light lunch and the beautiful fellowship of our Aglow family.

Kim Newley Poole

Aglow Port Stephens



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