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Dwell at the Well in Mittagong

God is faithful!

We were excited to see eight Aglow branches, including couples, join us for Dwell at the Well in Mittagong. It touched our heart to see our men coming to join us to worship together. God is speaking to our hearts to have intimate time with Him and with each other. It is all about our relationship with Him.

We came into His presence with singing and Fatuma brought us around His table of communion remembering how much Jesus loved us when He went to the cross.

We continued with beautiful Worship Songs Marion so prayerfully chose and took us into His presence.

During our worship, A word was given regarding fear which led to repentance and confession. Then a beautiful young woman prayed a prayer, straight from her heart, about walking in the light. This prayer touched the heart of God.

We had time to personally repent, pray and worship God. At the end, another of our ladies encouraged us to shout ‘Victory’ into the atmosphere which we did with gusto.

A young lady who came to Aglow for the first time shared that she was healed during worship of a neck problem she had for a long time. Praise His Holy Name!

“Dwell at the Well”, was a day of great expectation of God’s presence in our midst to touch hearts and lives personally and corporately. God was faithful to His Word—He dwells in the praises of His people and He touched our lives. Praise His Holy Name!

I received a card from a couple from Canberra and this is what they said,

“A great time together to sit and meditate, it ushered in the ‘Presence of Jesus’. A time we will not forget, to sit at the well.” This touched my heart to know that God’s presence touched hearts to continue to sit in His Presence.



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