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Dwell at the Well in Bundaberg

It was such a holy moment as we came together to dwell at the well in Bundaberg. Nothing was orchestrated, it just happened. It commenced with just nine of us and as the morning progressed, more and more arrived coming into a sanctuary of peace.

There was a team of young women who set up the room like a garden with the well in the centre. One woman and her husband made the well - a labour of love. I only asked for a well, but they felt led to give their all. When I saw the room setting, the Lord spoke to me from Song of Songs 4:15-16

"You are a fountain springing up in a garden,

a well of living waters and flowing streams from Lebanon.

You have called me a garden, she said.

O I pray the cold north wind and the soft south to blow upon my garden,

that its spices may flow out in abundance for you in who my soul delights.

Let my beloved come into His garden and eat its choicest fruits."

I was so overwhelmed by His love and faithfulness to me and to these precious women whose hearts so love Him and wanted to bless the Aglow family.

Below, one of our women (Sue Jameson) has written her reflections on the morning we spent together at the well.

"Reflections on the “Dwell at the Well” morning 19/6/21 Bundaberg AGLOW

On walking into the Oasis (the actual name of the building where the Bundy AGLOW meet each month) it was just that… The room was set up like a garden oasis with the well in the centre. Palm fronds and flowerpots were aesthetically placed about the room, some areas with floor cushions and seating around the walls. Beautiful and peaceful.

After an opening prayer led by Gaylene we spent the next three hours in silent reflection, with praise and worship music playing. Dwellers were free to come & go or make a cuppa (quietly). There was freedom to spend the time in Jesus’ presence in any way He lead them, and each person was met at the well uniquely.

During my time with Jesus I sat in worship, I danced, I curled up on his lap resting, at one stage he invited me to the well and I ran my fingers through the water – cool, refreshing, cleansing, life giving. At different times through the morning, I observed others at the well – one face down on the floor, another arms raised in worship, others reading the word or journaling, others silently bowed in reverence, another curled up on cushions under palm fronds. From where I was sitting I could see one lady beautifully “framed” by the arbour over the well.

At midday we shared communion (led by Val), in a circle around the well. We then fellowshipped over lunch of homemade soups with crusty bread. One comment on the morning was “The time went too quickly! We should do this every month!” and I tend to agree… it was a powerful, intimate morning.

Thank You Jesus for meeting us at the well."



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