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Dandenong Aglow - 40 Years 1980-2020

Wow! 40 years of Dandenong Aglow!

Where do I start?

I have been leader of Dandenong Aglow for the past 25 years. There was a season at the beginning where I basically stood alone, then there were a few years where there was a committee of six. Most of the time there has been three or four of us on the leadership team. It has never been about numbers, though. And that applies as much to numbers of people in attendance as it does to those on the leadership team.

I remember a very specific meeting a few years ago where He was very specific in the number of tables to be rolled out, set up and decorated. Even specific directions in what was to be cooked for morning tea - seeded jam, grain bread, the table decor was to be pottery like receptacles with fruit overflowing onto the table. It was not about who was coming for in fact we were in very lean years as far as attendance goes. But it was about setting up for Him.

The speaker brought a message “Seasons of Unfruitfulness.” Little did the guest speaker know that the speakers table had been decorated with a silver fruit stand with cascading fruit as well.

Seeds and fruit symbolism were everywhere!

Aglow belongs to Jesus and it’s our privilege to partner with Him.

If it wasn’t for His Presence confirming and affirming, I would have given up long ago!

There have been many twists and turns throughout the years. I began my journey with Dandenong as a mum of primary school aged children. I have been widowed for the last 10 years, and I am now a very, very happy nana.

In recent years Holy Spirit had led some of us at Dandenong Aglow to venture out on prayer journeys across Victoria, into Tasmania and even once into South Australia. The Gippsland region of Victoria took on a specific prayer focus and as a consequence a Game Changer Group began in the Latrobe Valley area led by Riekie Dalm.

Our last face to face gathering for Dandenong Aglow was in March 2020. Due to our branch being in lockdown along with the rest of Metro Melbourne, we felt fortnightly online Zoom calls would be beneficial for us all as we transitioned through this time.

These Zoom meetings expanded our reach. We have had a family gathering of 4 sisters and their mother join us. They live across NSW, QLD, Melbourne and a country town in Gippsland. It was wonderful to have a few more men and women join us as well. Connections which had been established in the East Gippsland region continued during lockdown via a fortnightly merge prayer call facilitated by Ruth Leon.

Kerry Ellen was our invited guest for our 40th Birthday Zoom Celebration and the scripture Kerry Ellen spoke on was Exodus 33:14: ‘’And the Lord said, My Presence shall go with you”

His Presence has gone with us, and He has never, ever let us down.

We enjoyed our own little cupcakes over Zoom and blew out candles.

I especially wish to acknowledge all of the wonderful Aglow friendships that have been formed over these years and the amazing leadership of the National Boards past and present and thank those at Dandenong who have journeyed with us. A special thanks for the support and encouragement of Roz and Sally who serve with me on the current leadership team.

Robyn is the leader of Dandenong Aglow.



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