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Perth Night Aglow May Meeting

On the 3rd Friday of May we were able to hold our monthly meeting face to face again. We were 8 people, (with several apologies) and we remembered that the number 8 in Scripture refers to new beginnings and eternity. I was determined to be led by the Holy Spirit in all that we did and after some worship six of us “sat in the hot seat” to share how each of us had coped during the lockdown and what God was doing in our lives now. This was a special time of bonding and being allowed to be ourselves in honesty and transparency with loving acceptance from the others.

A prophetic word was given towards the end. This is what the Holy Spirit conveyed to us, and we consider that it is also for you:

“My precious daughters,

Though this is a time of change I want you to see it as a time of transition from darkness to light. The time of My enemy’s dominion is fast coming to a close and soon I will strip away all that he has done in this My earth. It will be a time of the restitution of all things, a time never before seen upon this earth. I am the Creator and I legislate what he is allowed to do. This is the day when I am saying: “This far and no further!” and what he attempts to do I will stop and block. This is the time for entering My peace and My rest, so rejoice in My Kingship and My love for you.”

We were also reminded that Noah experienced this kind of transition from darkness to light and a new beginning for his and his family’s lives: 8 people. People tend to focus on the evil that was present on the earth when Noah was building the ark, but when Jesus said “as in the day so Noah” He was also pointing to this transition from darkness to light. Be encouraged that the evil has only a very short time to run...then His light will shine on and all around us. We are called to arise and shine with His light of understanding about our God’s character of goodness and mercy.

At the end we took Communion together to remember that we are covenanted together with Jesus and identified with His death and resurrection. We have to consider ourselves dead to our past life and living out of His resurrection life.

Blessings to you all,


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