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Embracing creative ways to meet together

I thought you might all like to see this photo taken at our beautiful Aglow Rockingham meeting in February.

We focused on how God is in the business of restoration and how “He restores my soul”. He makes all things new and nothing is wasted.

Leah brought us an amazing message and it was very interactive, we shared as well as read numerous scriptures which included lots of different “re-“ words.

Old empty jars were transformed into beautiful vases and filled with foliage. Each person could make their own to take home.

We are loving the creative new ways of doing Aglow that the Spirit keeps leading us to do. Little did we know, that by the time of our April meeting, we would have to be creative in a different way.

Early in March - when we planned for our April meeting - we didn’t realise that our world would be where it is today, however of course God did and his Spirit had lead us to have a theme about not being afraid. We had been given the verse “In God I will trust, I will not be afraid” Psalm 56:4b

As the time drew near for our April meeting, I felt the Lord wanted us to go ahead with the meeting as planned because it was so important to share this verse and to continue to meet together and encourage each other in our faith. We decided to embrace the gift of technology and we met zia Zoom online for the first time. After quickly teaching myself how to host a zoom meeting and share slides and You Tube videos, I'm delighted to say we had Aglow as normal but just in a new way.

It was truly wonderful to connect with God and one another online. We shared highs and lows and were inspired by stories of how people have met and prayed with strangers on their walks.

I just want to encourage everyone to be creative in finding ways to keep meeting together. The thought of us doing so via Zoom was a bit scary at first, but I’m so grateful we tried it (praise God for helping us learn new things). God is a god of miracles and his Spirit so evidently pulled all this together and made it possible – He is in control, let’s make sure we continue to let Him have the control and make sure we keep connected.

Blessings to all,


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