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Miracles in Queensland

Sharon from Warwick Aglow shares a miracle that happened on her farm in Queensland:

"After arriving back from Perth Leader’s summit to our farm in Maryvale, QLD, I came back to my very desperate husband who was in a real bad situation with water here at Spicers Peak Station. Chris (my husband) had been working enormous hours to try keep the cattle alive. I arrived home full of faith and I knew my God. He wanted to do good to His people. I went and prayed for the bore and waited for the miracle but nothing happened.

Holy Spirit spoke that I should keep on pushing forward. Well I went back down to pray again for the bore. I declared and believed. Then started the pump and went to where it would first come out at the tanks down the road. But still no water being pumped.

A bit disheartened but holy spirit quickened to me to go to the next pump point. This made no sense, I felt far enough out of my comfort zone and I wasn't telling Chris to go to the next point. But suddenly Chris says “Let’s go to the next water point.”

Oh my goodness, I had the ute just about air-born as I raced through the paddocks to the next point. On arrival, I jumped out of the car to hear the sound of water pumping at huge rates! Big water pipes pumping lots of water! I danced and yahooed and praised and screamed and jumped up and down. The water tasted fresh and the flow was strong.

God turned up and gave us a miracle - all it took was one believing. God is looking for a remnant of people who will believe. This is our time. We are all standing at attention. Keep charging forward. Keep taking that ground."

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