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Aglow arrives in Hobart for Regional Day

On Saturday 8th July, Aglow International Australia hosted a Regional Day in Hobart, the first Regional Day ever held in Tasmania.

A team of Aglow women, travelling from the mainland to Tasmania, brought confirmation after confirmation of words, visions and prophesies received in relation to the activity in Tasmania and we rejoice in the goodness of God for individuals, for Aglow, for Hobart, Tasmania and beyond.

Anne from Celebrate Tasmania attended the meeting and has noticed a significant shift in the Spiritual realm as intercessors from all over have been praying for Tasmania due to the exposure of the level of darkness which has been imposed on the city, State of Tasmania and therefore the nation.

At the Regional Day, healings were evident as the Holy Spirit hovered and captured the hearts of all in attendance. One lady, deaf in one ear since birth, was healed and reported that her ear had ‘popped’ and full volume exploded as the audio nerve was restored.

Pam Eliason set a wonderful atmosphere of affirmation as she chaired the day with the support of her husband Bob and the Aglow team with several contributing prophetic words as well as information about various ministries.

Pastors Anthony and Annette Castro both shared from their hearts. Pastor Anthony Castro spoke on Isaiah 62:4 – “Tasmania is no longer desolate or abandoned, but God’s delight. Jeremiah 1 : 9-10 – when God gives us authority against the enemy, we have to make sure that when we uproot and remove the enemy we must also plant the new things of God to grow in that place.” He had a vision of Aglow in Tassie – he saw them as fighter jets flying in to Tassie, depositing their payload and returning to the mainland.

Pastor Annette spoke on our hope, our need to arise in faith and hope which comes from Jesus. She reminded us that being awake doesn’t necessarily mean we have arisen! – It’s already resurrection time!

Worship was led by Sandy Gray who ushered in the presence of the Lord, taking us to new heights with songs declaring the Holiness and sovereignty of our God.

Yes, it was another glorious day when heaven met earth.

Ann exhorted, “when you hear of these random meetings of no denominational flavour being presented to you, make every effort to be there. Little obstacles, both within and without often surface to be overcome in order to make it to such meetings, but the reward is beyond words.”

“Cracking the walls, stepping out where it is uncomfortable, paying the price, walking with Christ. Where else would I want to be?”

Aglow will soon be re-established in Tasmania. The ground has been cleared, the darkness pushed back and His light shines forth!

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