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  • Lizzy

Living in an Aglow World

After the national conference in Canberra (in 2012), I said to a dear friend of mine, Glenda Fleming, that I wished we lived in an Aglow world, and today I'm going to unpack that for you. If we all lived in an Aglow world I think the world would be a much better place. Everyone would have a family, and everyone would be in our one, big family. Our world would be like living in a permanent hug; loving, comforting, supportive and full of warmth. There would always be people to turn to, people to stand up for you, people to laugh with you and cry with you. You would be encouraged to follow your dreams, to show your talents and to break down the barriers that stand between you and your destiny. The bible says that they should be able to see we we are Christians by our love. When we have that kind of love and a sense of God-driven, destinies-unlocked community everything is possible. Nothing would be able to stop us, because if our God is for us, then who could ever stand against us. With everyone walking in their God given destiny, who could block us? As Christians our destinies are, in part, to bring other people to God. Sure, an Aglow world would be great with just us, but we need to keep expanding, we need to ensure that new people can share our experiences and be touched by the Holy Spirit. If we really are "aglow" we really will be lighting up the world and making the world a brighter place! So I have a question... Who are you meant to BEE, Who are you meant to BEE, Who are you meant to BEE, because I heard the bees are amassing, and we better be ready! Lizzy

(12 years old and part of our Aglow family)

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