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Celebrating 35 years of Aglow in Gympie

The Gympie Aglow branch, in Queensland, celebrated 35 of Aglow in ​​Gympie in May. Faye, president of Gympie Aglow, shares the special time they had celebrating this significant milestone.

2015 Gympie birthday 005.jpg

​​Faye found the community was very responsive to their celebrations, “Our local Council offered us a venue in the Main Street so it was really IN the community. We were not DOING anything but simply BEING ourselves.”

2015 Gympie birthday 001.jpg

The celebration featured a number of performances, as Faye shares, “Four people wore theatre masks and as they removed the masks gently explained how the Lord ​​leads and guides us to be vulnerable and ourselves. Snippets of Aglow through the years was this way shared.

“One of our ladies – Anita- told the story of the Samaritan woman at the well in both storytelling but also in dance. It was electric and folk told me later they heard her cry ‘Everyone rejected me but He gave me the water of Life’ as they were going about their daily activities.”

Anita tells the story of the Samaritan woman at the well

Interacting with the community was an important part of the celebration, with the branch providing cake and sandwiches to share with passers-by.

“Birthday cake, water and small gifts were shared with the community as we ‘interacted’, says Faye, “We were called, I believe, to simply be Love, and Life in our local community. The folk in the bank where we do our Branch business also seemed delighted when we brought them pieces of cake for afternoon tea. They told us, ‘We feel we ‘connected’ with you now not just as an account number.’”

Faye sums up the celebration giving credit to God for the success of the celebration. “Beautiful day, (where) gentle and lovely things occurred and positive ‘feedback’. Praise God for it all.”

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