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What an awesome month!

September will have to go down as one of the most memorable months in the recent history of Aglow International Australia, as we took part in the first South Pacific Online Conference!

What a delight it was to gather together across the world for our long awaited and much anticipated conference. The South Pacific Region Conference was held over zoom on the 10th of September and it brought together Aglow groups from Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and American Samoa for a three hour feast of worship and the word. We were privileged to be joined by our guest speakers; Nancy MacDaniel and Joan Bennett from the Aglow international Office in the USA, and by Pastor John Moala from Tonga.

The South Pacific Region Conference was hosted by Aglow International Australia National President Kerry-Ellen Logan

and National President of Aglow International New Zealand Jeanette Ward.

The Conference was opened with a warm greeting and blessing from Aglow International President Jane Hanson Hoyt.

Fulori Tuiloa, National Leader of Fiji, shared the prophetic word spoken over the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit by Captain Pedro Fernandez de Quiros 14th of May 1606. Claiming the south as far as the Pole in the name of Jesus, and naming it The Southern Land of the Holy Ghost.

Felecia Dobunaba, National Leader from Papua New Guinea shared a wonderfully moving crafted prayer she had written.

Both the prophecy and prayer are available for you to read on the 'Additional Resources' page.

Speaking to us live from the South Pacific island of Tonga was Pastor John Moala (pictured below with his beautiful wife). John delighted us with his passion for the Lord and his determination to see revival come to the region. John reminded us that revival brings unity and purpose to the church. He declared "God is on the move and that we must get into God's presence and partner with Him".

A cheer erupted from all listening when John reminded us; the sun rises each morning in the South Pacific first, we are the first in the world to receive the new day. We look forward to the new day of revival beginning in the South Pacific Region!

Be the Sunrise of the Holy Spirit on the Earth, it's time to shine, let the Glory of God show! (John Moala).

Our conference really was a feast, joining us live from the USA were Joan Bennett and Nancy McDaniel

Joan in her gentle compassionate way urged us to be mature in Christ, that our apprenticeship is over, and that we must listen and hear the sound we were born for. Joan encouraged us to participate in the process of bringing heaven to earth.

Nancy stirred our hearts with her passion for the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, urging us to "Lift up our eyes the wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing across our lives with fresh strength, bringing renewal". She challenged us not to set our compass according to the troubles around us, but to set them on the Holy Spirit. Nancy encouraged us to "Lift our hearts in a state of expectation" Acts 28:13 and Revelation 22:12.

Full transcripts of all messages will be available soon!

Women of Papua New Guinea singing and dancing for us all to enjoy.

This is a screen shot of just some of the over 600 participants who enjoyed the conference.



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