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Additional Resources

South Pacific 2021 Online Conference Resources

Please see below various resources made available from the Aglow South Pacific Online Conference 2021. More resources will be made available, keep checking back regularly!

Fulori Tuiloa, leader of Aglow in Fiji, read out the prophesy declared over the South Pacific by Captain Pedro Fernandes De Quiros in 1606

Felecia Dobunaba wrote a crafted prayer for the South Pacific Conference, to be prayed over the South Pacific

Aglow ministry partners

Aglow International Australia is joined in heart with two organisations: Australian Prayer Network and Australia For Jesus. These two organisations share the same heart for the Kingdom of God, one through prayer and the other through evangelism.


As well as running training sessions on how to become a prayer intercessor, Australian Prayer Network as also founders of the National Day of Thanks.

You can learn more about their Watchman School of Intercession, sign up to their newsletter, and learn more about the Day of Thanks on their website.

AFJ logo.jpg

Is it on your HEART to see The Great Commission fulfilled?

Would you welcome a VISION of how you can be part of this?

Do you need PROVISION to help you become a soul-winner?

AUSTRALIA FOR JESUS can provide the training and resources to help you bring others to Jesus, whether it is for your unsaved family or friends, or as part of a team of soul-winners. Contact your AFJ State Co-ordinator for more details, and register your interest at


NSW - Tony McLennan 0419 483 096

ACT - Roger Nicoll 0404 213 801

VIC - David Looke 0423 704 644

QLD - Cobus Venter 0448 178 998

SA - Yvonne Amos 0417 681 529

WA - Lorraine Walker 0400 022 900

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