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Seeing God work through illness

What a miracle working God we serve!

Cheryl from Kyabram Aglow shares with us the story of her mum Joyce's illness, and the way her Heavenly Father never left her side.

Joyce recognised a reduction in sensation in her left foot on Wednesday and by Thursday her whole leg was tender, and her foot was feeling cold. On Saturday it was no better. Upon examination by her doctor and a CT scan, it was revealed she had a blocked artery in her calf. More seriously, she had a very accelerated heart rate. Joyce was transported by ambulance to St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne where medication to stabilise and slowdown her heart rate was administered.

God miraculously provided a place for Cheryl to stay in Brighton (near Melbourne) and she was able to visit her mum Joyce every day of her hospitalisation. Joyce finally had surgery on Tuesday, which was long and quite traumatic. The drainage tube in her leg became blocked and she was returned to surgery on Thursday. Joyce suffered a haemorrhage requiring 2 blood transfusions.

Throughout her battle Joyce knew the Lord was with her, she sensed someone was holding her hand, even though she was alone!

After a hospital stay of three weeks Joyce was transferred to a rehabilitation unit where she worked with Physio therapists and Exercise specialists for another two weeks before finally being discharged.

Joyce believes that her illness has a prophetic element, sometimes we don’t know that our hearts and our relationship with God is faulty, we don’t know stuff is building up and causing blockages. We need God to perform surgery and clear the way.

Joyce is going to Israel for the Aglow Convocation and she believes this trip to be a God appointed journey.

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