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What I "see" in Aglow

As a new Christian nearly 30 years ago, the Lord revealed Himself at my very first Aglow meeting - through His Word, His presence, His love as we worshipped, prayed, praised and prophesied. Holy Spirit was present at the meeting, welcoming and enveloping me as I went it. I had accepted the call to be a follower of Jesus: now He had shown me my ‘path’.

Through all the years since that day, I have always seen the abundant joy of the Lord in Aglow. I saw women who experienced healings, deliverances, provision, life-changing teaching. Friendships were formed and answers to prayer forged in the Lord. The active walk in the Holy Spirit led life and our full reliance upon Him in all aspects of has always been a characteristic of Aglow.

Also planted in my heart way back then was the longing to see His Kingdom come, with every tribe and tongue and Nation worshipping the Lamb upon the Throne. I STILL ‘see’ the Government upon His shoulder, after all these years and the role Aglow International Australia has in praying into this prophetically.

I ‘see’ hundreds and hundreds of small Aglow groups across this nation, praying, worshipping, sharing in the communion of the Holy Spirit to encourage and love one another, to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ; to live in relationship and community with ALL the ‘nations’ across this land, whether they be Indigenous or Immigrant.

I see an Aglow listening to and respecting their voices given by Holy Spirit. I see an Aglow working where Holy Spirit leads for the healing of this land, reconciliation and restoration through forgiveness sought and received in the blood of the Lord Jesus.

I see an Aglow that looks to Jesus before they look to anything else: an Aglow that is steadfast and reliant upon Father, Son and Holy Spirit in all areas of its walk with Him.

I see an Aglow eager and alert to walk with Him with joy and anticipation even into the days prophesied in the book of Revelation. Maranatha.

Ruth Leon is a member of the Aglow Australia Board of Directors, and is the Aglow Australia Mentors Coordinator.



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