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Welcome to Aglow 2022

Welcome to you all as you read our first newsletter for 2022. The year has not started as we would have wished with the news of our dear Kerry-Ellen suffering health challenges. The good news is that she is safely in the hands of her specialist doctor who is confident of a positive outcome.

As one we declare: God is with Kerry-Ellen and her family and He is in control of all things. We will see His glory arise in and through this situation. He is bringing healing because He is Jehovah Rapha the Healer.

We arise and stand in faith together!

Riekie, the National Gamechangers coordinator for Australia, has these encouraging words to share:

"In response to the news of Kerry Ellen’s illness. My first thoughts and feelings were of fear as I’m guessing many others will also. Care, concern etc. however a place of fear is not where I find God. Fear NOT! Jesus exhorts us, peace I leave with you. So I quickly cast off the lie from the enemy. The Truth is always the opposite of the fear scenario he is projecting. I exhort us all to stay in a place of rest and faith. Our words and prayers must align with the Word that has been over Kerry Ellen often, no weapon formed against her will prosper!"

Dorothy Jones had a prophetic answer to her question "what is the way forward?" The word she received is this:

"The way forward is to engage the forward gear of Thanksgiving, Praise and Joy. We enter through thanksgiving. We proceed, every step of the way with Praise. Joy is the strength to continue. So, Thanksgiving, Praise and Joy engage the forward gear.

However, we shift into neutral with doubt and unbelief in our heart. We shift into reverse by VOICING doubt and unbelief.

We have been practising moving in the opposite Spirit. This is a brilliant opportunity for us all to engage with Holy Spirit and position ourselves into a place of peace and rest, partnering with our God who knows and sees all things. He will work it together for good as we take up our positions around Kerry Ellen and resist the enemy. No weapon formed against her will prosper. We march forward in Thanksgiving, praise and shouts of joy!

The promises God gave us last year through the game changers challenge are yea and amen. Have another look at them and be encouraged. They are for now as we walk forward together."

Blessings to you as wel walk through this year together in unity.



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