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WA gathers for Regional Day in Perth

The WA Aglow Family gathered for the first Regional Day of 2021 in response to the wooing of the Holy Spirit from Revelations 19:11. A new wave of worship embraced us all.

The Holy Spirit has a way of taking over if we will give Him room and today was exceptional in the orchestration of Heavens intent.

The Word of God is alive and active and able to do what it says.

We sang and worshipped to a song Lindell Cooley wrote during the Brownsville revival “We will ride” the Spirit of the Lord invaded the room.

We went in to the Holy of Holies. We entered the throne room and sang of His great and wonderous love, we declared our love for Him. This was more like a Dwell at the Well than a Regional Day, as the program was left open to let the Holy Spirit reign.

The atmosphere was heavy with the weight of the Holy Spirit – His sweet fragrance filled the room. Even after the event, the sweet smell of his presence lingered on each one who attended. One person said one of their children could smell this fragrance on them.

Candace Lahr the Director of House of Prayer for Everyone brought a word rich in revelation and encouragement.

It was a powerful Spirit anointed appointed day filled with His glory.

Nicole from Perth Night Aglow has these comments from the day:

What an atmosphere of love and Gods presence was felt on our Aglow Regional Day Sat 22/5/21. So many beautiful things came out of this day.

God is love. The one who does not love is yet to find God for He is love and we love because He first loved us. His love is brought to full expression through us, and His love drives out fear. Romans 5:8.

We need heart alignment to receive the joy God has for us. If you are tired - He restores us.

Out of intimacy and fellowship and this love relationship He prepares you for spiritual battle. We are the bride who is in love with Jesus the bridegroom.

Enter the throne room of intimacy of heart and connecting with Him. In that place we are at rest with Him and that is the weapon!!!!

Esther lived out the example. The king stepped out of the room and she was left with the enemy Haman. Esther was not fearful at all but resting/reclining and trusting God. She had a heart relationship with God he was her intercessor. She doesn't do battle with the enemy; she didn't even say a word. The battle had already been won even before it happened and so it is today.

We are entering into a new intercession. We are riding with Him; we are the bride of Christ. We must open our heart to Him. Make me ready to be the warrior bride. What does she sound and look like? Psalm 51:17 - she has a heart of humility. Revelation 19 - the bride makes herself ready. Revelation 17:14 - we are called chosen faithful followers ready to ride with the bridegroom.

Don't let your heart grow cold. Hear the invitation to ride with Him. Be willing to give Him access to your heart. Anything that is not loving - deal with it and be ready.

It is a celebration of the lover of our soul. Perfect my heart and prepare me fully and more deeply. It is done in the presence of the Lord where we are surrounded by His love. Enter the Holy of Holies.

Out of intimacy and rest our hearts will be transformed, then we are ready to go out and be Isaiah 61 to all. Manifest the heart of God on the earth because this is what the bride is called to do.

How is your love relationship with God today? This is the moment He wants to meet you wherever you are so He can take you where He wants you to be.



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