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Maitland Aglow holds a Prophetic Workshop.

Alice Collins, Leader of Maitland Aglow shares with us all the details of this very special day.

Aglow Maitland's last physical meeting before we were all plunged into lockdown will long be remembered as a joyous time of prophetic creative cooperation. Our Prophetic Workshop drew a large group to explore the prophetic inheritance of our local Aglow branch. Our time together deeply touched each one of us as individuals. After enjoying a beautiful time of prayerful reflection during worship we joined up to work in small groups to unpack what the Lord had been whispering to us during worship. It soon became apparent the Lord wanted us to remember that "His Banner Over Me Is Love". This same theme was reflected in the creative expression of each of the five groups, including the delightful children's group.

Various resources such as cardboard for posters, decorative paper, picture books, coloured pens, glue and glitter had been gathered to allow freedom of prophetic and creative expression. We were amazed and delighted to see the diversity of ways in which the one central theme was so clearly expressed through each groups efforts. Each member joined in joyous cooperation and contribution to their project. This exercise proved to be a great way to get to know each other a little better while listening to God, to each other and to our own hearts. The atmosphere was filled with excitement, fun and cooperation, however the thing that was most apparent was the beautiful banner of God's love covering every moment, and activity of this unforgettable day.



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