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Kyabram's Amazing Fireside Chat

Kyabram Aglow Fire Side Chat the Weapons of our Warfare

Expanding the Vison: We were feeling both excited and expectant, already seeing some major changes in our aglow meetings this year, so no surprises as 10 new ladies attended our recent meeting. Seven of those ladies were aboriginal, bringing voices in worship and the presence of God into our midst.

The Worship blessed our group, once visitors, now forming a united family we discussed how we were designed by God, and for what purpose, conversation went deep quickly, and this led to small prayer groups of sisters uplifting others.

The Chats: We chose 5 leaders to take the chats and sat in different rooms, again that same bound and friendship was evident in these rooms with leaders witness of hearing brilliant outcome. What a privilege to be part of this chat, as ladies had courage to speak for the first time of their experience in talking about their personal weapons of warfare, from dance, to reading, from banners, to prayer, all powerful testimonies shared in our groups. The practical applications of this chat along with keen listening to Holy Spirit was a most timely treasure for us all in this current world atmosphere. Keys on how to discern were shared. Insights gathered and aligning scriptures to this new learning were evident.

Re grouping, we continued to hear revelations of prayer times and some intentional steps made by some. Two ladies’ steps were to partnership with Aglow, such an encouragement. One lady put it this way ‘ I was just there going and flowing, I am in awe and undone in how I came to here with a company of women that I can sit in heavenly places with and be 100% at home and free” We would recommend any group to organize this latest Fire Side Chat along with hot scones and tea.

Pam Eliason [leader of Kyabram]

Three first timers and four Aunties.

Auntie Gladys singing a worship song she had written.



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