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Kalgoorlie Aglow Celebrates 40 Years

Just a little history lesson!

In the year 1893 two Irish prospectors pitched their camp about 40km north-east of Coolgardie; their names were Paddy Hannan and Thomas Flanagan. Joined by fellow Irishman Daniel Shea the trio found alluvial gold and within a week had collected an estimated 100oz of gold. News of the find broke when Hannan travelled to Coolgardie to register their claim. The rush was on! a week later 1400 men were working the new gold field. The state government chose the name Kalgoorlie, the word has an indigenous origin. The town was gazetted on 4th September 1894.

Kalgoorlie has followed the boom or bust cycle of most mining towns, today the super pit (gold mine) is the towns largest employer.

A joyous celebration!

What a blessing and delight it was to join with the wonderful members of Kalgoorlie Aglow! on Saturday the 21st of August they celebrated 40 years of Gods faithfulness to them as His representatives in the towns of Kalgoorlie and Boulder.

A group of approximately 15 travelled the six hundred (ish) kilometres from Perth onboard the Prospector train to share in the weekend of celebration with the ladies and gentlemen of Kalgoorlie Aglow and their friends.

The first event was a shared meal at a local restaurant; what a joy it was to be all together in a large group to socialise and enjoy each others company. We were so grateful. The highlight of this meal was the surprise received by Robyn Willey when we all joined in a chorus of Happy Birthday as a cake complete with candles and a 70th birthday balloon was placed before her. What a way to celebrate your 70th birthday!

Happy Birthday Robyn; love from all Aglow! and yes the balloon did take a train trip home.

On Saturday the meeting hosted by leaders Kerry Atkinson and Kerry Phillips was a joy filled event, special guests included the branches advisors and their wives, the local pastor and his wife, Kerry-Ellen Logan as the guest speaker and past and current Aglow members and friends.

The afternoon flowed with funny stories, worship and a shared sense of God's presence; it was a time of real thanksgiving!

Kerry-Ellen spoke on our role as Aglow women and men at this time. Using the analogy of a fence post, Kerry-Ellen pointed out that in this hour we must stand strong and be a support; just as a fence post supports the fence we must stand strong and support others. Kerry-Ellen stated that we should be planted deep (in God) so that we are immovable, and that it is our positioning/placement that creates the strength and stability in each other.

The meeting culminated in the cutting of a beautifully decorated 40th Birthday cake and a wonderful time of fellowship, love and laughter.

On behalf of all who shared in this wonderful occasion, thank you so much Kerry, Kerry and the whole Aglow Kalgoorlie team. We look forward to seeing what God unfolds for Kalgoorlie Aglow in the future.



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