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John Golder: The ultimate quiet achiever for Christ

How can you describe John Golder in a few lines?

From 1983, when his beloved Bev joined the then “Women’s Aglow”” to his last mortal breath, John supported her and Aglow - continuously in Faith; with integrity, conviction, and an unwavering passion for Christ. And always with a kind word straight from the throne of God. He joked that he was there “to carry Bev’s bag.” But he did so much more for Bev, Aglow and for us all. He was Bev’s personal Wingman, her loyal mortal angel. Bev and Kerry-Ellen could rely on with John’s wise Godly counsel at so many Aglow conferences, whilst constantly reaching out and encouraging men.

John’s words of wisdom never failed to astound me, his insights were often breath taking, although sometimes tangential to the dry wit sprinkled throughout the fascinating story he was sharing. His love for his beautiful family went hand in hand with his unshakeable love for Jesus Christ. And this was reflected in his tireless work for his Church as an elder and lay pastor encouraging anyone and everyone with his passion for Christ. John was the ultimate quiet achiever for Christ.

Aglow will miss him. We will miss him. John was always witnessing, always encouraging.

So, you think he has changed? He has now joined the cloud of witnesses with our Father in heaven.

As John said at his own funeral (yes, John encouraged us via video) to be “strong and courageous,” and to be 100% sold out for Christ. Thank you for your loyal friendship, John. Until we meet again.

Garry Reardon



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