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Jesus Our Lighthouse

What an amazing day we had at our Peel Regional Day on 8th June. Both women and men gathered from all areas of Western Australia for our first Regional Day for 2024. The theme for the day was 'Jesus Our Lighthouse', taken from the scripture John 8:12 TPT 'I am the light to the world and those who embrace me will experience life giving light, and they will never walk in darkness'.

There was excitement in the air as the people started arriving, 80 of us coming together to worship our King. Christine Tinsley led worship beautifully, accompanied by Rosemary Bond playing keyboard. There was such an anointing on the worship a tangible touch of His presence as we worshipped together in true unity.

We heard a remarkable testimony from Gerda Bradbury from York (WA) on forgiveness after a devastating tragedy which occurred in her life.

Faith Mant, former President of Aglow Mandurah, shared the history of the branch which had been running for many years. A pot plant with sunflower seeds was given for someone from the Peel region who had a heart to pray for the area to take home and water it by prayer for new growth in the Peel region.

Each branch leader took home a sunflower representing their branch as being fresh and flourishing, full of seeds, full of potential, ready for the new season to spring forth.

Pastor Clinton Phillips from C3 Church Mandurah was our guest speaker who gave a powerful word on Jesus our Lighthouse, encouraging us all to shine out the light of Christ that is within us. Before Pastor Clinton spoke, he said he recognised that it was Holy ground and he couldn’t stand in this place to speak without taking his shoes off. It was a Holy and humbling moment. After he had spoken, he felt to have a prayer tunnel so every person could walk through to have hands laid on them and prayed for by the leaders. Many were touched by God and words of knowledge were given. A very precious time in God.

We believe Aglow gathering in Mandurah will bring a lasting impact for the Peel Region and we will see the fruit from this very blessed day.



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