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  • Elizabeth Barlas

Hobart Aglow Established.

What a glorious day was had in the home of Hobart Aglow Leader Jenny on Thursday 21st of July.19 people gathered to share fellowship lunch and to welcome the Holy Spirit and each other to the first meeting of Hobart Aglow in Blackmans Bay.

Jenny and her husband Robin returned to his birthplace Tasmania 4 years ago and Jenny just knew the Lord wanted her to establish an Aglow branch. The Lord was faithful to His prompting and after years of failed attempts (covid) Aglow Hobart commenced to His glory.

Jenny shared with those gathered a story about the first sunrise she witnessed from her lounge room window which overlooks the Derwent River, a sunrise that was stunning and full of promise. So moved was Jenny by this sunrise she purchased a worship banner the design of the banner is a sun rise.

This is the description given by the artist who created the banner: the golden centre of the banner represents the Glory and faithfulness of God bursting into a dark and overwhelmed life. The artist continues; the gold, yellow, orange and amber are the colours of a sunrise she saw over the ocean of her native Tasmania. Yes the banner was created by a Tasmanian woman and even more fantastic (one of the ladies told us) that the artist lives just down the road from Jenny. We used the banner as we worshipped and the Holy Spirit came in power and glory. Old hurts were healed, lives were transformed.

This image shows Jenny on the right and previous Hobart Aglow President Miriam holding the banner.

We were blessed by one lady who made a wonderful cake, she shared with us that the cake was made using the ingredients she had at home which were just in the correct quantities and no more. God provided just enough! On the top of the cake she had placed a sprig of flowers that in New Zealand signified healing. This cake became a representation of the healing God was doing in the lives of some of the people present, it was another beautiful visible expression of the Fathers love and presence with us.

Another highlight was a young woman standing up and asking the older ladies not to retire because the younger women needed the older women as their mentors. Praise God!

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