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Generations worshiping together in Maitland

Dear Aglow,

We have just had a wonderful encounter with Bible school students from Glory City Church, Brisbane on Saturday 15 June who had travelled to Maitland for a mission training outreach.

It was an inspiring time: hearing from the young people who are full of passion and fire for Jesus.

The offering message reminded us of giving a sacrifice that cost you something, like the little widow woman giving her last 2 pennies.

Three young preachers ministered the word of the Lord from their hearts about believing for the long-awaited promise of God; being childlike in our trust of Him; and the call to believe for revival fire.

Prophetic words flowed about the coming move of God in Maitland.

It was an exciting time in His beautiful presence. 

We are living in exciting and challenging times, and we need to stand together in love, unity and prayer.

Blessings and love ❤️

Margaret Lowe

Maitland Aglow



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