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Bunbury Aglow Turns 30.

Bunbury Aglow in Western Australia celebrated its 30th birthday on the 6th of November with a garden party in the fabulous garden of Jaqueline and Rod Taylor. The beautiful surroundings added a depth of delight as over 30 people gathered to worship and give thanks to God the Father for His faithfulness to the Branch and the people of the Bunbury area over the last 30 years.

A special and sweet blessing was the joyful sharing of memories by the two previous Presidents, Val and Heather. These beautiful women made us laugh at their exploits and marvel at the leading of the Holy Spirit as He has crafted and moulded the Branch to suit His intentions. Kaye Ballantyne brought a stirring message, urging us to seek out our God given passion and then put it to use within the kingdom of God. Kaye shared her passions were the word of God, and women and children in need.

Liz Barlas brought a prophetic word to Bunbury Aglow branch urging them to enjoy the celebration of the past today. However tomorrow they must move forward into the future He has for them. They carry the key to unlocking a blessing over the people of the Bunbury region.

A fabulous and generous Afternoon Tea was shared, including a very special birthday cake.

The wonderful Patricia Horton leads Bunbury Aglow, which is a vibrant community serving group of women and men. The Branch has a strong presence in the community serving those in need. The group also loves joining in local events/ celebrations with the worship banners, letting the joy and colour of their love for Jesus be seen. Aglow Bunbury is an important presence for the Lord in the community.

Aglow Bunbury you are a blessing, we look forward to seeing what the Lord unfolds for you all as you follow Him faithfully into the future. We bless you in Jesus name!



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