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Breaking New Ground Together in Darwin

Aglow Leaders Yvonne, Glenda and Samoa at the Breaking New Ground Regional Day Darwin.

Leader of Darwin Aglow Glenda Ramsey shares with us all some highlights.

It was such an honour and privilege to host the “Breaking the Ground Together 2021” event.

Aglow Cairns leader, Samoa Povey told of how God impressed upon her heart to come to Darwin and fellowship with Aglow Darwin. After some prayer, the decision was made for Aglow Cairns to visit Darwin. Aglow Darwin would hear soon after, that Aglow Townsville, South Australian leaders, and Katherine was soon to follow suit.

We were eager to give our Aglow family from the eastern and southern states a warm welcome.

Our focus was to develop relationships, with love being the key to it all. By the end of the event, I believe that this was achieved. Relationships became more meaningful, as we met for the first-time face to face. It seems that developing relationships was the first steps to Breaking the Ground Together. I believe that there is yet more to come, and we can only move to the next chapter in our Aglow lives and journey in Christ Jesus; with ease and understanding of each other, as we continue to be bound together in love.

In consideration of relationship, it seemed so right to have the first night as a meet and greet. Robyn Ober, the Worship leader, facilitated an ice breaker. There were lots of laughter and warmth shown to each other. The food was good and in abundance, and the Worship was even better. The anointing of the Holy Spirit reigned upon us, as we came into his presence to worship him.

It was an honour to have John and Sue - the Pastors of the Family Christian in Church Centre - join us on the first night. It was also good to see our Advisor, Pastor John Ekpo from the Redeemed Christian Church Group (RCCG)-Bethel Church, and his beautiful wife Kemi and family join us at our very first evening meeting, as well.

Yvonne Amos, the mentor for South Australia and Northern Territory organised a prayer meeting at the Frontier Motel, followed by a visit to Northern Territory Parliament; for those who “dared” to face the hot dry season here in Darwin. She also was a great support to Ingrid Bartlett from Aglow Noarlunga, in introducing the Dwell at the Well, on Friday morning. People were asked to go to their respected groups and to discuss what the Lord had shown over the duration of praying in silence.

We settled down to worship with Deb Walker and Cynthia leading it. Again, God showed up in the house. What a wonderful night of worshipping the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. We gave him the glory for the great things he hath done.

I am sure that the Angels were among the rafters joining in with the singing “Holy is the Lamb that was slain”. What a wonderful time of being in his presence.

This followed with Samoa and Maria sharing for 10 minutes each.

Samoa shared about her concerns and recognised the changes she had to make before she moves on in her journey, as an Aglow leader. There appeared to be only admiration and love for our loving sister.

Maria from Townsville followed soon after. She spoke on Indigenous people rising and Breaking the Ground Together. We ended the evening with all standing in a circle singing “We’re going to Worship the King” and “I love this family of God”.

The following day, Saturday, Yvonne organised training for Australia for Jesus. They had the opportunity to put their training into practice in the main streets of Darwin.

After two nights at the Family Christian in Church Centre in Parap, we moved to the Presbyterian Hall for what would officially be the "Aglow Darwin Regional Day". Aglow Darwin again brought the worship, and this followed with Annette Saviour from Aglow Port Lincoln sharing the Communion table. What a wonderful word in remembrance of our Lord and Saviour, that Annette gave.

The South Australian leaders sang the Great South land of the Holy Spirit. Some words were changed reflecting recognition of the Indigenous nation. All joined in with the chorus. Yvonne felt that the Lord wanted her to apologise on behalf of the English coloniser’s wrong doings to the Indigenous people of this land. For many it was very emotional. Marilyn Smith walked to the front to accept the apology. Yvonne gestured for me and Robyn to come to the front as well, where we stood side by side with some non-indigenous leaders and our indigenous sisters Marilyn including Bob from Adelaide. Sandra Fidock, mentor of Queensland, who was to share around the Word of God, came out the front and joined with us. The meeting ended soon after, and time did not permit the speakers to speak.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all those who volunteered to make Breaking the Ground together 2021 happen. Thank you to National Office for allowing us to go ahead with the event; the Aglow leaders for their motivation and zeal for coming to Darwin. A big thank you for Aglow Darwin for always being such a great team and is always on standby ready to help wherever they can. There are so many people to thank, and which has not gone unnoticed. Most importantly I thank God for being there always for us, loving on us and always showing up. We are so blessed to have a good, good father.


Yvonne Amos, Mentor for South Australia was one of the precious ones that travelled to the Northern Territory to share in the Taking New Ground Regional Day. She shares with us some of her insights.

"We had the most amazing time together, such wonderful deep fellowship and such closeness to our Lord. Ground was broken indeed!

17 of us from SA, Katherine, Cairns and Townsville joined Glenda and Darwin Aglow for a time of singing, dancing, praise, prayer, discussion, meals together and sitting at the feet of Jesus.

It was a God ordained program, He led us one step at a time.

God intervened with our program and most of the leaders didn't use their prepared talks. The Holy Spirit led us through his agenda!

On Thursday morning after worship, we had some frank discussions, even some disagreements where people were able to air their hurts. God used each of us to minister to each other and over the three days, wounds were healed. There had been a SHIFT in the atmosphere.

The Love of our Heavenly Father was overflowing as we came to the well on Friday morning and each spent time with our Saviour alone. Then we all shared our stories where we dwelt in each other’s hearts and each other’s pain. Sharing and fellowship went through until mid-afternoon as no one wanted to leave!

That evening Samoa (Leader of Cairns Aglow) was led to speak out publicly, asking for forgiveness. The worship, singing in a circle showed that the Lord was knitting us together as one!

Saturday morning was very special. I was led, standing alongside English Bob, from Noarlunga Aglow, to repent on behalf of my people and ask the First Nation people to please forgive us. Marilyn, from Darwin Aglow, joined me asking for my forgiveness on behalf of my nation. Lesley from Darwin Aglow, said how she had felt the real love of white Christians for her, for the first time in her life.

Many others joined us up the front and brought words from the Lord. Then we sang ‘This is OUR Nation ‘with great meaning and being truly one in the Lord Jesus!

We then had Communion together in a circle and no further talking was needed.

Saturday night was a real treat, we joined a part of the African church in Marrara. Together we enjoyed worship and teaching. Ending with praying for one another, the Aglow leaders and for Pastor John.

Ephesians 3:20 was quoted on Thursday evening by Pastor John. By Sunday we knew how absolutely true this was!

‘Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you. ‘Ephesians 3:20 TPT

Some quotes from those who attended.

"For me it was a weekend anointed in Grace, Compassion and Love." Maria Currio, Townsville

"No PRETENDING, No PERFORMANCE, it was REAL, because it was a REAL HOLY GHOST experience of Breaking New Ground". Lesley Pavey, Cairns

"Being Obedient to the Small Still Voice and trusting Father, brought Refreshment to my soul, I came home with a heart full of gratitude, praise, and thanksgiving. " Psalms 133:1 How truly wonderful and delightful it is to see brothers and sisters living together in sweet unity!" Samoa Povey, Leader of Cairns Aglow



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