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Aglow Women of Influence - WA

Earlier in the year, Kaye Ballantyne from Gosnells Aglow heard the Lord's calling to hold a day honoring the women who lead the way in establishing Aglow in WA. The words the Holy Spirit spoke to her were "You are, because they were."

And so, once meeting restrictions were lifted here in Western Australia, a morning high tea was planned to honor the first leaders in WA. This day was held in November of this year.

Some were unable to make it, but the 12 that were able to attend were:

Val Melville (Bunbury Aglow)

LoisDavies (National Field Representative of WA)

Dorothy Sheldon (Geraldton Aglow)

Melva Molyneux (Perth Aglow)

Colleen Milic (Canarvon Aglow)

Pat Edmonds (Denmark Aglow)

Kath Yuille (Gosnells Aglow)

Rose Haggart (Mandurah Aglow)

Marion Livingstone (Fremantle Aglow)

Robyn Willey (Perth Night Aglow)

Margaret Pendelbury (Rockingham Aglow)

Sue Frantom (Narrogin Aglow)

The morning tea was also open to families and others in Aglow wanting to honor these Women of Influence. Nearly every Aglow group in WA was represented at this special day.

Kerry-Ellen spoke on how each of these amazing women were instrumental in establishing and growing Aglow in WA, as well as the impact they have had in her personal life. She shared a word about the importance of the Holy Spirit in Aglow (John 14:15-17 and Zechariah 4:6); and also thanked the families of the women in Aglow, in particular the husbands that support their wives in this ministry.

Kerry-Ellen also spoke about each Woman of Influence separately, and some of these women shared what it was like in the early days of Aglow. The time of worship was powerful, and a prophetic word was brought that the Lord will restore. "He is not done with you yet, and the women of Aglow are His eagles. The young will run, but you will soar."

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