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A Letter from Carol Price.

Hello to you All, I understand that those of you who were on the National Prayer Zoom call last evening were introduced to our new National Board Member Colin Brown, and his wife, Tina Maree. I apologise that this hadn’t been done earlier and everyone told. Unfortunately, it was still on my to do list when I had the accident. The Board invited Colin to join us and were delighted when he accepted. Following is what Colin has written about himself: Colin Brown "In March 1996 the Holy Spirit deeply impressed upon my heart that He was going to move in a profound way in and through Australia. That our Lord Jesus would be greatly glorified and His kingdom made known. Since that time I continue to minister and speak across a broad spectrum of His body. I am the author of ‘Outside the Camp - The Wisdom, Humility and Power of the Church,’ ‘Born for Battle - Fighting the Good Fight of the Faith,’ and the ‘Dose of Iron’ series. I have been acquainted with Aglow for some years, having a number of friends who are a part of Aglow. I have ministered alongside Kerry-Ellen as well as spoken at Aglow gatherings. My wife, Tina Maree and I, among other roles, are on the leadership team for Elohim House of Prayer on Mount Carmel, Israel. We currently oversee Kingsgate Haven, in American River on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Kingsgate Haven is a gathering place and a part of the Australian House of Prayer for All Nations. We also oversee Streams, a Zoom fellowship, in Australia and Canada." Colin, as I believe comes through in the above, is a quiet, humble man, who doesn’t say much but when he does you listen. He is much more than is written. As a Board we believe that he brings a positive, independent, but Spirit led, authority to the Board and the governance of Aglow Australia as we move into this new season. Blessings in the mighty name of Jesus. Carol Carol Price (Interim National Leader)



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