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A Day with Christine in Perth

The Aglow men and women of Perth were given a rare treat on Wednesday 11th March, Christine Sakakibara Day! Yes she has a day named after her, that is how special Christine is to us all.

In what seems like a different age compared to the current restrictions, the day started in a way that was very strange indeed, we announced there was to be no hugging (is that even possible for Aglowers)?

Both Kerry-Ellen and Christine had just arrived from overseas and all praise to God the restrictions now in place for travelers had not yet been announced. So we were able to go ahead with the planned day and what a powerful day it was.

Worship time was lead by the wonderful Izzy - her leading ushered in the Holy Spirit and set the tone for what was to come.

To say Christine spoke would be an understatement! We laughed, we were amazed and we were challenged. In the morning, Christine shared her story of becoming a Christian and the way God open the doors for her to serve Him in Israel. She made us laugh at her tales of life in Jerusalem as her children were growing up. She then amazed us with the way God changed life for her and her family, from life as outsiders into life of belonging.

Christine opened up the story of Zelophihad's Daughters and the way they rose up and claimed the inheritance that was rightfully theirs. Christine then challenged us as women and men of God, we must do the same, that God has a plan for each of us and we must rise up, step in and claim it.

After lunch Christine was very serious as she shared with us the situation in Israel. We were informed about the assistance the Israeli Defence Force rendered to the women and children across the border, opening the border each night to provide food and medical aid, an action that brought with it great risk. These are stories that the world media never report.

We also learned about false information being reported about Israel and about the fact that most of the positive contributions made by Israel for the world go unreported.

It was very sobering to reflect on the situation faced by the Israeli people, we came together to support them in prayer.

The day had other times of surprises and significance.

Kaye Ballantyne prayed for everyone to rise up into our inheritance. Kaye then invited all the leaders present to gather around Kerry-Ellen, and recommissioned Kerry-Ellen with a new mantle and staff. The staff was prophetically changed into a sword so that Kerry-Ellen could clear away all that was in the way of Aglow moving forward. It was a very powerful time!

As a special treat from God, Fulori Tuiloa - National leader of Aglow in Fiji - joined us for the Christine Day! A double portion for the women and men who joined us. Fulori was visiting family in Perth and, by God's design, was able to attend our Christine Day. Fulori was invited to share, and made an impassioned invitation to join with the nations of the South Pacific and the Aglow South Pacific Conference. We all know the destiny of the nations in this region as we were declared the Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday 1606.

It was an altogether incredible, inspiring day. May she continue to be a walking example of Jesus to the people of Israel.

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