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Last month, we asked you to share what you were grateful to God for in your life. We were blown away by the responses, as so many people expressed how grateful they were to have Aglow in their life!

Below are some of the comments we received:

“Holy Spirit through this vehicle called Aglow has changed my life completely, One day, around 1992, I said to the Lord “I have received so much.. I want to give back, perhaps I can greet people at the door- I can do that! “ He stretched me beyond my comfort zone and called me into leadership. I never had a sister ... I’ve got soo many spirit to spirit sisters now. Love you Aglow” - Robyn

“I am so so grateful for this ministry of Aglow. In 1983 I stepped over the threshold into Aglow and in my wildest dreams could never have imagined how my life would change. God has taken me - an ordinary woman on an extraordinary journey in the spirit and to places I only hoped to one day visit.. but more than anything are the beautiful relationships I have with sisters from all over the world who have enriched not only my life but the life of my family. Aglow has been the place where I have grown in the Lord, because these beautiful sisters have watered me with love, kindness, patience and much encouragement. I am so grateful God made a place for me in Aglow all those years ago.” – Sandra M

“I'm grateful for this Aglow ministry. I was having a conversation with a friend recently and reflecting on all God had done to grow me into the woman of God I am today. Staying rooted in the fertile soil of Aglow that God had planted me in 30+yrs ago is bearing fruit. I'm just allowing myself to stay settled in this soil and abiding in Him. No striving required. Thank you Aglow.” - Riekie

“I am so grateful to a mighty awesome miraculous God. A God who against all natural odds brought my child home safe and sound. The healing process is ongoing but every day I look at her I thank him for his miracles at work in my life. She is now worshipping and praising God for herself and her family and that is just too wonderful. I will be forever grateful.” - Judith

“I am so grateful to God for his healing of every part of me, that he will never leave me, that his mercies are new every morning. Great is his faithfulness that he brought me into the family of Aglow and I can watch as he works in others to change their lives. For the blessings he pours on them daily. To have sisters stand with you and declare God's goodness.” - Sandra

“I have been so blessed and grateful to The Lord for bringing me into the Aglow ministry. Being in Aglow has given me such wonderful opportunities to learn more of flowing in the Spirit, and have travelled to so many places but I am more than grateful for the sisters he has brought into my life and enriched me in relationship with them, a ministry of love.” - Edna

“I too am overwhelmed with gratitude for having a Heavenly Father who has given His Son for me. For the love of Jesus. For grace, mercy, love, forgiveness, for the wonderful Aglow family who have loved, supported, encouraged and continue to do so! For the blessing of our wonderful leaders and for the teaching, gatherings, worship, retreats and conferences... I could go on and on listing constant blessings.” - Marilyn

“Oh the joy that comes with an attitude of Gratitude. Thank you Aglow, thank you for your love, acceptance, teaching, leading guidance. I am grateful that our Father has given amazing knowledge to amazing people who are willing and able to share. I love this family of God Aglow. Blessings in abundance.” - Carole

“I am so grateful that God chose me to love me, for His forgiveness His grace to show mercy on me and to bring me into his family. In 1984 He led me to this wonderful vehicle called Aglow. I’ve had so many wonderful times wonderful trips that I would never have done if I had never surrendered my life to him so I’m so grateful for all the wonderful women and men that have been in my life. I would not be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for God.” - Marion

“Everything. The KING is GOOD ALL the TIME. AMEN” - Gloria

“I am so grateful to God for His love forgiveness faithfulness mercy he shows continually. He chose me over forty years ago. And now I know He has His destiny on me which continues to unfold. In 1989 He directed me to Aglow and through this vehicle He taught me how to flow in the Spirit to hear His voice and rely on Him for everything. Especially as I became president of Aglow Taree before I had even been to a meeting! It was such a challenge but as I look back I am so grateful that He trusted me!!! Huge for someone who was so unsure and was a scaredy-cat. Grateful seems such a small word to express a very grateful heart.” – Sandra F

“I’m grateful that Jesus is in my life” – Michael

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