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Aglow Leader's Summit 2019

The 2019 Leaders Summit was a time of nurturing, breakthrough and crossing over, as 80 Aglow leaders from across Australia gathered in Bindoon, Western Australia in February.

While there was much to announce and discuss, significant time was made to allow the Holy Spirit to move in our midst and run the meeting as He saw fit.

Kerry-Ellen, National Leader of Aglow Australia, opened the summit by showing how simple an Aglow meeting can be. "All you need is the Holy Spirit." she said, as she led worship and spoke on crossing over to the new era God has ready for Aglow. We had some fun too, with members of the Aglow Management Team dressing in zebra colours to highlight that even though we are all unique (no two zebras share the same stripe pattern), we are all one in God.

The next day information was given on several new processes and initiatives happening in Aglow. Kerry-Ellen also announced that two people had requested to be baptised whilst at summit. This was to occur the next morning, and if anyone else wished to participate, to let her know.

In the afternoon we were treated to various Aglow leaders sharing what's happening in their part of Australia. Teaching was brought via videos of Dutch Sheets and Lance Wallanu from last year's Aglow US conference.

The next morning we rose early to witness 12 people receive baptism in a large wine vat filled with warm water. The Holy Spirit was tangible. Many words were brought, healings occurred, and breakthrough received. It was a very special time cherished by all there.

This was also the day of the Aglow Australia Annual General Meeting, led by Carol Price, chair of the Aglow Australia Board. Guest speakers, Esther Jinadoo and Ned Davies, brought messages that encouraged us to continue on in the Spirit, moving forward into our new era. Many leaders received prayer during these sessions.

It was a significant Summit, and we are certain there will be more testimonies to come. We trust Aglow leaders left feeling refreshed, renewed, re-energised and ready for 2019.

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