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Reaching Out and Trusting God

We have received an encouraging report from one of our Aglow groups, showing what impact we can make when we trust God and reach out to others:

"It’s the Christmas meeting and what is God going to do?

One of our ladies had not been attending for some time due to her husband’s chronic condition. She made contact with us and said she was arranging a special transport so she and her husband could attend our meeting, however they would only stay an hour.

As we were rejoicing with glorious Christmas music including a soloist, (that fell into place at the eleventh hour), the couple’s son and daughter-in-law arrived early to pick them up and take them to lunch.

However, instead of leaving, the family stayed for the whole meeting.

It had been in our hearts to reach the homes surrounding our venue and we had prepared an outreach style meeting featuring music and testimony. The Holy Spirit’s plan was to communicate with this particular family, to give them the gospel message of hope, and it was as if the whole meeting was orchestrated for them.

It was an absolute blessing and answer to the mother's prayers – everything she had longed to tell her family, in a format that was full of joy.

The angelic message of peace on earth is still resounding loud and clear, when we give it room to be expressed."

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